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About us





The Transforming Kids trust was formed in 2007, and operates as both a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), providing a nurturing environment of faith, love, hope and spiritual growth, so that the emerging generation of children we engage with will fulfil God’s intended purpose for them. Our approach with children, aged four to fourteen years old, is to emphasise the values and perspectives that build individual character. The cumulative impact of those values would lead children to a biblical worldview and spiritual maturity.
Our specific purpose is to implement and passionately facilitate a variety of programmes. These include praise and worship sessions, character building programmes, moral values programmes, Hope for Kids evangelism, prayer guidance, bible study guidance, spiritual warfare guidance, spiritual growth programmes, spiritual leadership training and preparation for high school programmes – at primary schools, pre-primary schools, churches and in the community. Training and support are given to all the children, teachers, parents and youth leaders involved.

Our mission



Our mission is to address the children’s moral choices, central beliefs and how their beliefs lead to appropriate lifestyle choices. Each year a child is in the program, the core principles of Christian Formation are probed more deeply and the child is motivated to identify personal practical applications in these six pillars of Christian Formation:

Investing in our future


Children are encouraged to practice praise, worship and prayer while discovering God’s presence and maintaining a respect and awe for who He is.


Children are equipped to not only embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but also to accept His call to spread the Good News to those who are not yet eternally connected to Him through His grace.

Spiritual growth

Children are led to develop a lifelong habit of continual spiritual growth, through Prayer and Bible study, character-building programmes and various value-added programmes.


Children are encouraged to express love in real ways through service.


Children are trained to be good managers and custodians of the resources God entrusts to them (such as relationships, ideas, skills, spiritual gifts, time and possessions).


Children are encouraged to engage in a community of believers, where they are accepted, instructed, encouraged, supported and held accountable.


Transforming Kids supports parents and equips them with information and practical tools that will help their children to become spiritually mature.

Youth workers and teachers

Transforming Kids gives training and assistance to youth workers and teachers, guiding them through various perspectives on learner support, children’s ministry methods and techniques, and how to facilitate improved impact with curriculum content. Transforming Kids has developed character-building products called “values programmes” which assist schools, churches and ministries to follow the same successful strategy that Transforming Kids has used, countrywide.

Empowering our partners

Transforming Kids provides training for churches, schools and ministries to facilitate values programmes at primary schools, and to assist these partners in the implementation of Transforming Kids’ programmes, on an ongoing basis.

Our children will define the future, which makes them our most significant and enduring legacy, but also one of our greatest personal responsibilities.
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