At the beginning of 2016, God gave us a specific instruction to “Build the walls” on the foundation we laid in Transforming Kids. We realised that we have to focus on going deeper spiritually with the children and expand the development of the Values Programmes we implemented at the schools which enrolled in the character development programme.

We wanted to also reach the parents and community leaders, adding new schools and invest in building the walls at current schools. To do that we need to create awareness, raising funds and build partnerships in the different communities.

Therefore we decided to invest in marketing and training in 2016. We are currently empowering Transforming Kids staff on a holistic level – Spirit, body and soul – Building the walls of the team to ensure personal spiritual growth to minister more effectively.

Transforming Kids staff also made a pact that we will teach and lead by example and stand on the truth of God’s word. We are going through an exciting time of renewal and building, but it is in the same breath quite challenging, because there is a warning in God’s word to the builders – Each person needs to be careful how he builds.

First, there is only one legitimate foundation (Jesus Christ); none other can be laid. Second, everything a person builds on this foundation will be tested by fire – This will test the quality of what he has built.

Paul tells us in the Bible that it is God who is responsible for the ultimate success of these endeavors. Therefore we would not take the credit for ourselves, it is only by His grace!

Thank you for all the support we receive from our partners, without you we would not be able to “Build the walls”.